VALFAST - Weekly Pregnancy Test

Key Features

Early Pregnancy Detection
The test is suitable for primary diagnosis of early pregnancy in women of childbearing age. It can detect HCG levels in urine as early as 1 week after conception, providing early confirmation of pregnancy.

Quick and Rapid Results
With Valfast® Midstream Weekly Pregnancy Test, results can be obtained within just 5 minutes. This allows pregnant women to get timely information about their pregnancy progress every week.

User-Friendly Design
The test is designed as a midstream format, making it convenient and easy to use. It features two viewing areas with clearly marked test lines (T3&T1, T4&T2) and a control line (C) for interpretation of results.

Accurate and Reliable
The Valfast® Midstream Weekly Pregnancy Test utilizes the principle of immunochromatographic sandwich method to provide accurate and reliable results for detecting human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) levels in urine. It helps in determining the content of HCG.

Semi-Quantitative Measurement
Valfast® Midstream Weekly Pregnancy Test offers a semi-quantitative measurement that can estimate the number of weeks a woman is pregnant based on the concentration of HCG in her urine.

Clear Result Interpretation
The test lines on the Valfast® Midstream Weekly Pregnancy Test are specifically designed to indicate different HCG concentration ranges. Depending on the intensity and appearance of the test lines, users can easily interpret their pregnancy progress and estimate the number of weeks they are pregnant.

Versatile Sample Requirements
The test can be conducted using urine specimens collected at any time of the day, although first morning urine is preferred for its higher concentration of HCG. The test strip can be used with disposable urine cups or clean containers, providing flexibility for sample collection.


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Personalized Pregnancy Management
With the knowledge of the exact number of weeks pregnant, women can personalize their pregnancy management and care. They can align their diet, exercise, and prenatal care according to their specific stage of pregnancy.

The one-step design of the test makes it convenient and user-friendly, enabling women to perform the test easily and privately in the comfort of their homes.

Peace of Mind
Valfast® Midstream Weekly Pregnancy Test offers peace of mind to pregnant women by providing them with accurate and reliable results. They can have confidence in the test's ability to detect HCG levels and monitor their pregnancy progress.

Empowerment and Knowledge
Valfast® Midstream Weekly Pregnancy Test empowers women with knowledge about their pregnancy progress. It enables them to actively participate in their prenatal care and make informed decisions regarding their health and the well-being of their baby.

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Weekly Pregnancy Test

VALFAST - Weekly Pregnancy Test

Prepare yourself with timely information for a healthy and confident pregnancy journey.

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