LUMINO - Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Lumino Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is designed with advanced features to enhance your health monitoring experience. Here are the key benefits and advantages of our product:

Large HD Screen​
Our blood pressure monitor features a large LCD screen, ensuring clear and easy-to-read measurements of your blood pressure readings.

Smart Pressure Detection​
Lumino incorporates smart pressure detection technology, which helps to ensure accurate and precise measurements. This enables you to trust the reliability of your blood pressure readings.

Cardiac Arrhythmia Detection​
Our blood pressure monitor is equipped with cardiac arrhythmia detection, which means it can detect irregular heart rhythms. This feature alerts you to potential cardiac issues, enabling you to seek timely medical attention.

Dual User Mode​
With the dual user mode, Lumino allows two users to store their blood pressure data separately. This feature is perfect for households with multiple individuals monitoring their blood pressure.

Ample Memory Storage​
Each user can benefit from 99 memory storage slots, allowing you to track and monitor your blood pressure trends over time. This helps in identifying any potential patterns or changes in your readings.

English Talking Feature​
Lumino goes the extra mile by offering an English talking feature, providing audible readings of your blood pressure measurements. This feature adds convenience and accessibility, especially for individuals with visual impairments.

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LUMINO - Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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