What We Offer?

Outstanding Service & First-Rate Quality
Our knowledgeable and professional team is here to find solutions that contribute to your success and ensure absolute accuracy.
Certified Products
Get access to high-quality wholesale pharmaceuticals, medical consumables,
hospital supplies, veterinary medicines and cosmetics and never fret about a product’s availability. At Valmed Pharma, we uphold a rigorous standard of practice, curate our extensive list of healthcare suppliers and only collaborate with the best in the industry.

Competitive Pricing
At Valmed Pharma, we are always creating innovative ways to do business and our success is based, in part, to our competitive global pricing and the high quality of our service.
On Time Delivery
At Valmed we focus on delivery time and the supply chain KPIs and we clearly understand the meaning and the value of delivering the products on time.
Our supply orders are always monitored according to supply chain KPIs and systemically periodically monitored.
Perfect order delivery rate
At Valmed we always support our partners to find the best shipping cost according to there need which reduce the product cost.

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