About Us

Valmed Pharma emerged from a necessity to revolutionize traditional approaches by introducing fresh and inventive solutions. Our objective remains centered on continuously enhancing our services and raising industry standards.

Our management team boasts over 20 years of collective experience in Pharmacy, Wholesale, and Manufacturing. Together, they collaborate to develop services and solutions that cater to the specific requirements of our valued customers, with a strong focus on serving the healthcare, medical, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Our vision entails establishing ourselves as a leading force in Wholesale and Manufacturing, as these are the foundational pillars of Valmed. We strive to create novel and progressive services that address evolving healthcare needs not only in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and other regions worldwide.

We invite inquiries from both governmental and private sectors that are interested in the medicines, vitamins, medical supplies, and rapid test sectors. Moreover, we encourage businesses worldwide to contact us if they are seeking Turkish wholesalers to procure branded and Turkish products in these specific sectors.

Vld Medical